Book reviews


1. FAO Agricultural and Food Engineering Technical Reports

No 3.  Farm power and mechanization for small farms in sub-Saharan Africa   2006. Co-authored by Josef Kienzle, the report examines the importance of, and options for, mechanization for smallholder farmers in the region. English.

No 5.  Addressing the challenges facing agricultural mechanization input supply and farm product processing    2007.  Edited proceedings of a workshop held during a CIGR agricultral engineering world congress.  They were edited in collaboration with Josef Kienzle, Roberto Cuevas and Gavin Wall.  English, Español, Français.

No 7.  Farm equipment supply chains. Guidelines for policy makers and service providers: experiences from Kenya, Pakistan and Brazil   2009. Co-authored by Josef Kienzle, this publication examines the problems of supply chains for agriciultural equipment. English.

Testing and evaluation of agricultural machinery and equipment: Principles and practices    FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 110, 1994. A technical bulletin giving detailed test procedures for a range of agricultural machines. The contents only are displayed, specific chapters are available on request.  English and Español        Contents pages

Principios y prácticas de prueba y evaluación de máquinas y equipos agrícolas         FAO Boletín de Servicios Agrícolas 110, 1994        Contents pages

2. Books

Conservation Agriculture: A manual for farmers and extension workers in Africa. IIRR & ACT. 2005.  This manual is the product of a 'writeshop' held in Kenya in 2005.  My principal input was into Chapter 3 on field preparation and planting. English.      Cover and Contents pages            Full text

Animal traction in Cuba    RECTA    2003.  Co-edited with Paul Starkey, this is a collection of contributions by authors from diverse institutions and covers the whole island. English and Español.

Elementos de diseño del tractor y herramientas de labranza. 1984. Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura, San José, Costa Rica. Co-authored with John Ashburner this is a basic text book on design parameters for tractors and agricultural implements.  The contents only are displayed, specific chapters are available on request.  Español.  Contents pages

Mecanización para el pequeño agricultor. 1987. Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales y Agropecuarias, Mexico. A compilation of seven years' work of a farm mechanization research unit established with the Mexican agriculture, forestry and livestock research institute. The contents only are displayed, specific chapters are available on request.  Español     Contents pages

Explaining the finances of machinery ownership    Talking about Money No.3    FAO    2009. One of a series of booklets explaining financial concepts for smallholder farmers. The author (Jennifer Heney) based  this title on a draft that I prepared and on subsequent discussions that we held. English

Hillsides Systems    Guidelines for research on hillside farms: participatory technology development of soil and water conservation technologies    Compiled by Brian Sims, Robert Walle and Jim Ellis-Jones  DFID 1999  Contents pages

Sistemas de Laderas  Guía para la investigación: predios de laderas desarrollo participativo de tecnologías de conservación de suelo y agua        Compilado por Brian Sims, Robert Walle and Jim Ellis-Jones  DFID 1999  Contents pages


Mechanizing Sustainable Crop Production Intensification in Developing Countries – scaling conservation agriculture  Paper presented at AgEng 2010 Conference, September 2010, Clermont-Ferrand, France. English

Tecnología apropiada para una agricultura sustentable   Paper presented at the VI Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Agrícola. January 2010, Chile. Español

Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture: Complementary practices for sustainable development   Paper presented at the II World Congress of Agroforestry. August 2009, Nairobi, Kenya. English

Policies and Institutions to promote the Development and Commercial Manufacture of Conservation Agriculture Equipment    Paper presented at IV World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. February 2009, New Delhi, India. English

Training in conservation agriculture equipment use: FAO’s experience in sub-Saharan Africa    Paper presented at the III World Congress on Conservation Agriculture.  October 2005, Nairobi, Kenya. English

Linking Production, Livelihoods and Conservation    Proceedings of the
III World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. October 2005, Nairobi, Kenya. These proceedings are the fruit of a 'writeshop' held at the ACT secretariat in Nairobi in November 2008.  Kurt Steiner (GTZ) and I played a key role in the elabotauion of the basic material. English