Photo Gallery

 Draught animal powered knife roller crushing grass cover prior to no-till planting in Cuba
Fankhauser no-till planter planting maize in black oat cover, Brazil  Fitarelli 2-row no till planter for draught animals.  Fitarelli factory, Brazil
 Fitarelli manual jab planters planting maize in Tanzania before the rains

 Gralha azul animal powered no-till planter designed by IAPAR, Brazil  Knapik (Brazil) no-till planter attached to a two-wheeled tractor
 Knapik (Brazil) draught animal powered no-till planter, Cuba
 Knapik  (Brazil) manually pulled sprayer.  Knapik factory, Brazil
 Knapik (Brazil) 2 no-till planter units for tractor 3-point linkage mounting
 Knapik (Brazil)  tractor mounted 4-row no-till planter
 Krupp (Brazil) some of the range of jab planters produced by the factory
 Mafrense (Brazil) draught animal powered no-till planter


 Planticenter (Brazil) tractor powered 6-row no-till planter planting maize through black oat cover  Sfil (Brazil) 4-row no till planter in the factory  Triton (Brazil) draught animal pulled 5 m wide sprayer controlling weeds prior to no-till planting, Cuba
 Vence Tudo (Brazil) tractor mounted 4-row no-till planter planting maize into knife-rolled weeds prior to spraying with herbicide, Cuba

 Vence Tudo no-till planter being demonstrated at the factory, Brazil
 Werner (Brazil)  jab planter being demonstrated by a farmers' CA group, Kenya
Vence Tudo SA7300 drilling wheat into rice stubble to reduce pollution due to stubble removal and burning.  Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China  Knapik 2-row no-till planter on a 2-wheel tractor planting into heavy residue cover. Punta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil
 Draught animal powered inclined plate no-till planter. Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust farm, Zambia

ACIAR-Rogro no-till drill for 2-wheel tractors at V WCCA, Brisbane, Australia

 Jahnel (Brazil) manually-pulled 4-nozzle sprayer, Tanzania  Claydon strip-till planter made in Suffolk, UK at work in wheat stubble in Bedfordshire, UK
 Narrow and 'A' tines of the Claydon strip-till planter ( Fitarelli 1-row NT planter hitched to a Chang Jiang 6kW 2WT. Kenya Transport of a Fitarelli 1-row  NT planter with a Dongfeng 9kW 2WT. Tanzania Weaving GD6000T no-till drill at Thurlby Grange farms, Lincolnshire
 Weaving GD6000T drill with inclined double offset disc openers Combine with straw spreader in a no-till system The same combine showing the Autocast broadcaster for oil seed rape on the rear of the header Cambridge roll to improve seed/soil contact for broadcast oil seed rape
 Applying FYM before direct drilling Dale 8 m Ecodrill direct drilling into cereal stubble with crop residue and FYM on the surface