TAA Contributions

Brian conducting a training session in Tanzania
The Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA) is a professional association of individuals and corporate bodies concerned with the role of agriculture for development throughout the world. TAA brings together individuals and organisations from both developed and less developed countries to enable them to contribute to international policies and actions aimed at reducing poverty and improving livelihoods.

The Association's primary objectives are to:
  • Contribute to international policies aimed at reducing poverty and improving livelihoods in rural areas in the tropics, sub-tropics and countries with less developed economies in temperate areas.
  • Encourage efficient and sustainable use of local resources and technologies, to arrest and reverse the degradation of the natural resources base on which agriculture depends, and to raise productivity of both agriculture and related enterprises to increase family incomes and commercial investment in the rural sector.
TAA members, and others, voice their views via the Association's journal "Agriculture for Development" (Ag4Dev).  Since being recently drawn into the TAA by seemingly irrestible pressures,  I have made some contributions to Ag4Dev, including those listed below:

 Journal  Contribution
 Winter 2009 Agroforestry and conservation agriculture: complementary practices for sustainable agriculture (pp 13 - 18)
 Winter 2009 Conservation agriculture: south-south technology transfer from Brazil to East Africa (pp 19 - 20) 
 Summer/Autumn 2011 Conservation agriculture for sustainable cropping and environmental protection (pp 17 - 20)
 Spring 2012 Editorial: Durban climate change conference  (p 2) 
 Spring 2012 Some advances in mechanization options for conservation agriculture systems: reflections from the V World Congress of Conservation Agriculture, Brisbane, Australia, September 2011  (pp 13 - 18)
 Summer 2012  Editorial: The Earth Summit: Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (p  2)
 Summer 2012  Small-scale agro-industries for agricultural growth: some practical examples (pp 10-13)
 Spring 2013 UN Climate talks, Doha (p 33)
 Spring 2013 Genetically modified crops: time for a reasoned stance (pp 42-44)
 Summer 2013 Editorial: Commercialization of smallholder farming (pp 2-3)
 Summer 2013 Hand-tool manufacture: a stepping stone in the industrialization process in East Africa (pp 25-28)
 Summer 2013 South Sudan: an urgent challenge for increased crop production and sustainable land use (p 46)
 Winter 2013 Sonora's Yaqui valley: cradle of the Green Revolution and pioneer of CA in Mexico (pp 25-26)
 Spring 2014 Editorial: Climate talks again provoke controversy (p 2)
 Spring 2014 Labour saving technologies for smallholder farmers: an initiative of the Gates Foundation (pp 12-13)
 Summer 2014 Climate change impacts and mitigation (pp 29-31)
 Winter 2014 Sustainable agriculture in the Bajío region of México (pp 7-10)
 Spring 2015 Conserving soils on the island of Gozo (pp 18-20)
 Spring 2015 UN climate change talks: the Lima conference (pp 31-32)
 No26 Winter 2015 Special issue on urban and peri-urban agriculture: editorial
 No26 Winter 2015 No-till farming in the Lincolnshire fens
 No27 Spring 2016 Editorial: Last chance saloon: the UN Paris climate talks
 No27 Spring 2016 Mechanisation: a vital input for smallholder farmers
 No29 Winter 2016 More power to their elbows: increasing smallholder farm productivity
 No31 Summer 2017 Farm mechanisation: a liberation for women?
 No31 Summer 2017 The blooming mountains of Ecuador
 No35 Winter 2018 Editorial. Climate change: time for urgent action
 No38 Winter 2019 Incubation of agricultural toolmakers in Tanzania
 No39 Spring 2020 The IPCC special report on Climate change and land: an extended review
 No39 Spring 2020 Green New Deal book reviews
 No42 Spring 2021 Sustaining food systems and maintaining biodiversity and wildlife habitat